Lunch Menu

Available on Tuesday - Friday, 11:30AM - 3:00PM
Beef/shrimp dish options +$1.00

All plates except Lo Mein served with a choice of fried rice or white rice. (gluten-free)

Substitute rice with Mixed Veggies: $1.00 (gluten-free)

Each plate comes with a choice of 1 side item:

Spring Roll, Egg Roll, Boneless Spareribs, Crispy Chicken Wings (2), Chicken Fingers (2), Crab Rangoons (2), Hot & Sour Soup, or Egg Drop Soup

General Tso's Chicken 8.95

Sesame Chicken 8.95

Orange Chicken 8.95

Sweet & Sour Chicken 8.25

Mushroom Chicken 8.25 (gluten-free)

Mongolian Beef 8.95

Broccoli with Chicken, Beef, or Shrimp 7.95

Garlic Sauce with choice of Chicken, Beef, or Shrimp 7.95

Hunan Chicken, Beef, or Shrimp 7.95

Lo Mein with Pork, Chicken, Beef, or Shrimp (no rice) 7.95

Eggplant with Garlic Sauce 8.50

Snow Peas and Tofu 8.50

Mixed Vegetables 7.95 (gluten-free)